Activity 1. Participation in regional innovation and development programs and projects.

The CRESEM Foundation will participate in innovation and regional development programs and projects in collaboration with local, regional, national and international entities with the aim of improving innovation capacity, productivity, competitiveness and employability in the business community in Extremadura.

Activity 2. Entrepreneurial and socio-economic studies in Extremadura.

The CRESEM Foundation will undertake entrepreneurial, socio-economic studies, training needs and other studies required by our affiliated entities, in order to provide adequate knowledge to the business community of Extremadura, identifying the different levels of risk, strengths, opportunities, threats and Weaknesses offered by markets and the consequent ability to adapt to new challenges imposed by a competitive, changing and continuously developing environment.

Activity 3. Demand Training, which can be subsidized by companies.

The CRESEM Foundation will participate as an organizing entity that manages the training programs demanded by the companies to fulfill one of its foundational goals such as vocational training for employment.

Activity 4. Placement Agency.

The CRESEM Foundation will participate as an entity that develops labor intermediation activities and other actions related to job search. With the main objective of contributing to the reduction of unemployment and increasing the productivity of the economy of Extremadura, improving the opportunities of the unemployed and with it the mechanisms of labor intermediation.

Activity 5. Private Vocational Training Center.

The CRESEM Foundation will participate as an entity that manages and teaches higher-level vocational training courses, with the aim of promoting and satisfying the educational and training needs of Extremadura society in general and the business sector in particular.

Activity 6. Promotion of forums related to the purposes of the Foundation.

The CRESEM Foundation will promote and disseminate events such as Congresses, Seminars, Seminars and Round Tables related to the purposes of the Foundation to meet the needs of information, advice and training of Extremadura society in general In particular addressed to our entrepreneurial group, being able to act for these effects at the request of the interested business sector.

Activity 7. Promote social awareness campaigns and the entrepreneurial collective.

The CRESEM Foundation will promote campaigns for thematic communication, whose content is in accordance with the founding purposes or complementary or ancillary of those, with the aim of promoting social awareness and the entrepreneurial collective.

Activity 8. Reactivation of the business sector through orientation and planning.

The CRESEM Foundation will participate as a service entity linked to the processes of orientation, labor market observation and promotion of business development and, in this area, will carry out activities of mediation, reactivation and development of the entrepreneurial sector, with the aim of preserving and trying to preserve This collective heritage and its associated jobs, facilitating the transfer of existing businesses and businesses so that these do not disappear.

Activity 9. Support for Training Plans.

CRESEM Foundation will carry out actions as a Collaborating Entity in tasks of promotion, publicity and recruitment of students, for the implementation and delivery of vocational training for employment and other school education training courses, within the various calls for plans Autonomous, state, European and all entities related to their organizational nature.

Activity 10. Support to the development of the internationalization of Extremadura SMEs.

It will be made available to companies from Extremadura a consultancy and advisory service for the international strategic and operational development, carrying out internationalization diagnoses and plans, international market studies, international recruitment advice, partner search, etc. In short, an integral accompaniment for distributors and partners in the process of internationalization.

Activity 11. Support for the development of the tourism sector in Extremadura PHASE II.

After the first phase of the development plan for the tourism sector in Extremadura, the second phase aims to create tourist packages between companies from different branches of the tourism sector, it is a question of putting together accommodation establishments with restaurants, active tourism, Guided tours ... In order to increase the rate of overnight stays in our community.