Mission, Vision, Values

mision vision valores


Focused on cooperation for the development of the business community of Extremadura, we promote all activities that lead us to achieve this purpose. In this sense, the foundation promotes entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial initiatives of an innovative nature as a way to obtain economic development, supporting new businesses, promoting sustainable employment to achieve progress and social welfare, facilitating and implementing training and research activities for Improve knowledge levels, in addition to all cultural activities that may be appropriate to increase these effects.


We are an organization that brings unquestionable added value to development, progress and social welfare at the regional, national and international level, promoting entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial activities emerging in Extremadura society, we strive to be entrepreneurial, sustainable, modern And competitive, facilitating regional integration in a globalized world.


Generating added value to entrepreneurship. Aware of our role as promoters of Extremadura's entrepreneurial initiatives, we are challenging the quantitative and qualitative improvement of companies in our region.
1. We are looking for an Extremadura society with more entrepreneurial initiative and a more prepared and sustainable business network, facing the new regional, national and international challenges.
2. To have the best advances in knowledge and technology, to put them at the service of entrepreneurship, obtaining the improvement of the Extremadura company and thereby promoting the progress of our economic, social and environmental environment.
3. To encourage the international cooperation of the Extremadura businessman and his business organizations with national and international entrepreneurs and business organizations, especially in the countries of the European Union and in the international arena, offering cooperation and exchanges in the field of labor, technology, good practices and New policies and methodologies applicable to our companies also providing mutual interest relations in the field of international trading.
4. We promote the development, promotion and technification of small and medium-sized enterprises in the territory of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, as well as training in the business environment of qualified personnel from business, university, professional, work and self-learning fields Of Extremadura.